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• Vocals  •  Singing  •  Voice Over  •  Narration

With her vast experience in the Entertainment field, MARINA still finds time to “pay it forward” by offering an array of coachings for both the aspiring and professional performer. From vocal coaching and musical instrument lessons to performance skills, recording production and career consulting, you will experience a renewed sense of motivation and inspiration to take your talent and career to new heights. Located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan easily reached by bus or train, Coaching by MARINA is the obvious choice. Coaching availability is limited.

Private & Group Sessions

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a Professional, your voice must be in tip top shape. MARINA will help you get there with tried and true vocal exercises and her unique method of coaxing the best out of your voice. Whether you are working for the stage or a successful recording career, MARINA will make the difference.

Instrumental & Production

•  Violin  •  Piano  •  Protools Recording

Learning to play or master an instrument is a dream of many people. From learning what a simple quarter note is to playing classical works like Mozart, MARINA will gently guide you. Learning the language of music has been a lifelong passion of MARINA’s and with her compassionate approach to musical instruction, you’ll be mastering your instrument and furthering your career in the music industry.

Learning how to record and mix is just one part of the production experience. From the studio to live performances, knowing the ins and outs of producing is a neccessity today. With so many tools at your disposal it is even more important to know the concepts and techniques that goes into producing a song or stage performance. With 30,000 productions under her belt, winning over 140 top industry awards and working at the top levels of the industry, MARINA is the go to person for production coaching.

Performance Skills

• Dance  •  Musical Theater  •  Performance Skills  •  Stage Presence

Getting to the stage and then staying there requires an multi-disciplinary approach covering your mind, body and spirit. The competition is fierce so any advantage you can have the better. MARINA will train you in all areas related to performance.

Entertainment Career Consultation

• Entertainer Career Consultation

• Personal Entertainment Marketing

What’s my best look? What song is best for auditioning? Where do I find opportunities to further my career? MARINA has the answers to your questions. Through her 55 years of show business experience covering the entire industry including making and selling records, musical theatre performances, club shows, fashion shows, and fitness entertainment, MARINA will help soar your career to new heights.

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